Death by Society


death by society

An obsessive friendship turns deadly when carter attempts suicide due to the antics of the in-crowd.


GENRE: Young Adult Contemporary

COMP TITLES: The Edge of Seventeen meets Exit, Pursued By a Bear

STATUS: Revising

AWARDS & ACCOLADES: 2013 YoungArts Merit Award for Writing: Selection from Novel

SUMMARY: Carter Harper may be building an app and have a 3.97 GPA, but her successes are overshadowed by brutal bullying, major depressive disorder, and extreme loneliness. A rumor about her mental health sends her over the edge and diving into her secret stash of Prozac. If the STEM genius gets her way, her problems will cease to exist after she dies by suicide.

Abby Wallace’s natural place is being subordinate only to Kelsey, her best friend with benefits who destroys reputations without care (and may be just a little too into Abby). But Abby’s tired of being the princess; she needs to be the queen. She uses Carter as a pawn to emphasize how cool, cruel, and strong she is. Abby can’t be seen as weak, especially not when past, violent traumas seize her brain with anxiety and flashbacks.

Carter and Abby’s tumultuous relationship comes to a boiling point when Abby stops Carter from attempting suicide. Worse, Kelsey learns about the attempt, leading Kelsey to apologize in the only way she knows how—offering Carter exclusive access to the in-crowd. Carter is thrust into a glittering world that she instantly hates. Too bad Kelsey knows the dirt that could ruin Carter once and for all. At least, Abby’s done with Kelsey (but, like, for real this time). If Carter and Abby can stand each other for more than three minutes, they can stop Kelsey’s court of misrule before her dangerous antics end somebody’s life.



Suicidal ideation, depression, bullying, dual perpetrator domestic violence, anxiety (social and generalized), and rape trauma syndrome (no rape depiction) are discussed and depicted throughout this manuscript.